4 Common Problems With Wood Floors

Photo of clean wooden floor by Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham

Wood floors look stunning and they’re an incredibly durable and long-lasting option for both domestic and commercial properties. However, as with anything, they will start to show their age at some point in the future, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with commonly encountered problems and deal with them as and when they crop up.


Peeling floor finish

A very common problem is peeling finish, which happens when the floor is either prepped badly or contaminated when the finish is applied in the first place.

For example, if your floor has been sanded down too much, the surface can be too smooth for the finish to adhere effectively to. The best way to fix this problem is to sand your floors down again and then refinish.



Over time, your wood floors can be susceptible to water damage and stains caused by pets and through traffic. These can often be treated with the appropriate cleaning products but if they’ve made their way into the finish and penetrated the wood itself, you’ll need to sand them out.



Does it look like your wood boards are curving, with the edges higher than the centres of the planks? This is known as cupping, caused by a moisture imbalance in the wood. When wood floors are installed, enough room between the boards has to be left to allow for expansion and cupping can occur if there is insufficient room for this.


Squeaky floors

One of the biggest problems with wood flooring is irritating squeaks, which happen when the boards move around the nail shaft or rub against other parts of the wood. If your floorboards are fixed in place, try using a graphite powder lubricant to see if this helps solve the problem.


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