Carpet cleaning matters. When it comes to keeping your home clean and hygienic, you might not have realised just how much. In fact, carpets harbour a host of viruses and bacteria, allergens and germs which not only make your flooring look dirty and dull. They can also cause health problems like allergic reactions and asthma.

Clean Carpet With Apples by Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham

Here at Cotswold Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham, we’re dedicated to keeping your family healthy and your carpets looking their best with our effective, high-quality carpet cleaning system, texatherm. It gets deep into the fibers of your carpet, cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorising efficiently. Since our system only uses a very small amount of water you can enjoy clean and dry carpets within just 30 minutes. When compared with the systems used by many of our competitors, we offer all the advantages of speed and convenience without ever compromising on quality.

The Convenient Choice

We don’t use the same kind of industrial carpet cleaning equipment which soaks through carpets. When you choose our professional carpet cleaning service in Cheltenham you can benefit from carpets that are clean and dry within just an hour, maximum. We also won’t disturb you and your family. There won’t be pipes all over the home, and as our machines operate virtually silently, you’ll barely know we’re there!
We use only eco-friendly chemicals to clean your carpets. That means that we won’t present a hazard to your family, children or pets. Once we’ve finished, you’ll find your carpets are beautifully soft, perfectly clean, and release a pleasant aroma whenever you walk on them.

Only The Highest Standards

We don’t just restore your carpets to cleanliness, we leave them hygienic and healthy too. Our company operates to the very highest standards. Our teams remove allergens, grime, and bacteria from your carpets and leave them disinfected to a hospital standard. This makes us the best possible choice of cleaning company in Cheltenham. Especially if you’ve got toddlers or babies who will be playing and crawling on your floors.

Eradicating Stains

From stubborn wine stains to mystery discolored patches, you can rest assured that we can remove them all. If you have a particularly challenging stain our specialist stain removal service will get the job done. We will leave your floors looking perfect.

Serving Every Need

Whether you’re a landlord who needs end of tenancy cleaning in Cheltenham, a homeowner wanting to refresh your floors, or a commercial customer looking for workplace services, we can help. Give us a call now on 01242 830882 or drop us a text at 07527 677380 and get your free quote today.

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