Top Tips For Cleaning Red Wine From Carpets

One of the most infamous and prominent stains that can remain from festive occasions is the dreaded red wine spill. Unlike white wine and other alcoholic spills, red wine spills stain very easily and very brightly, potentially ruining a beautiful cream carpet with a blot of merlot.

The reason why red wine stains are so bright and difficult to clean is because of anthocyanins in red grapes that give merlot its distinctive colour. This is the reason berries and grapes stain your hands and red wine can stain your teeth sometimes.

All is not lost, however. Whilst the best way to remove a dried stain is with the help of cleaners who specialise in carpet cleaning in Whitney, there are ways to help reduce the effect of a stain and even clean it entirely if you are fast.


Absorb Wine From The Carpet

Time is of the essence when cleaning a red wine stain quickly, so get a roll of paper towels or a white cloth and blot the spot gently from the outside inwards, using different parts of the cloth. This absorbs excess wine that hasn’t sunk in and stops the spread of the wine stain.

If you cannot deal with the stain immediately, sprinkle salt onto the stain to help absorb the stain, and vacuum it away once you are ready to undertake the next step.


Dilute The Stain

If the stain is still damp, pour or spritz a small amount of cool water onto the stain to help dilute it and continue to blot out the stain. Make sure to switch out your blotting cloth as you go once it starts to feel damp.


Apply Banking Soda Paste

Mix a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water, and apply it to the stain directly. Wait for it to dry and then vacuum up the paste that has dried.

If there is any further stain after this, a carpet stain remover is the next step to take.

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