Have You Been Vacuuming Wrong?

Close up of a hoover cleaning a very dirty carpet.

It seems like the logical way to vacuum a carpet, simply covering the floor with a short back and forth motion, but in fact, this method will not get the job done properly, as your vacuum won’t suck up all the dirt and lint on your carpets and floors.

While we might look at all the various tips and hacks for cleaning a spill on carpets, there is a much more efficient way to ensure you use your vacuum.

To vacuum like a professional, you need to vacuum in rows. First, vacuum a row of carpet in one direction, wall-to-wall. This first pass should be against the nap of the carpet to it fluff up and make the deep-down dirt come up easier. You can tell if you’re vacuuming against the nap of the carpet if it sticks up or looks a little messier.

Next, you need to pull the vacuum back over that strip you just vacuumed. This lays the carpet back down, as well as picking up some of the dirt you missed on the first pass.

Now you should be back where you started, so repeat the above, but on another strip of carpet, overlapping the previous one slightly. Then keep going until the whole room has been vacuumed.

However, you’re not done there! Once you’ve done that, repeat the entire process, but instead of going up and down the room, go across on the second pass.

It might seem like extra work, but it will get all the dirt and dust that lives deep down in the pile of your carpet, and ultimately, make your carpet last longer, as well as keep your feet happier!

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