Why End Of Tenancy Cleaning Is So Important

Close up of hover cleaning a carpet by Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham

For both tenants and landlords alike, end of tenancy cleaning is absolutely essential. Part of being a good tenant means taking responsibility for the home in which you live, looking after it while you’re there and giving it back in the same state it was in when you took on the tenancy.

As a tenant, if you hand the property back dirty and damaged, your landlord will most likely deduct some of your deposit to cover the costs of repairs and cleaning. It can be very difficult to clean a property properly and bring it up to the standard required following a tenancy, but a professional cleaning company can make sure you get your full deposit back.

Doing this also frees up your time to focus on all the other aspects of moving home. They say that divorce and moving house are two of the most stressful things a person can do, but there are ways you can make the process a lot easier.

It’s also worth remembering that landlords ask for references to find out what you’re like as a tenant and it may be easier for you to secure a new tenancy in the future if you leave your property in an excellent state.

From a landlord perspective, end of tenancy cleaning can help improve your occupancy rate so you’re not losing any money on an empty property. It can also be cheaper, since you won’t need to invest in any specialist equipment that may be required. And it gives you more freedom to focus on your other responsibilities.

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